AYI recently released a batch of statistics based on close to 650,000 interactions between members of its site in the United Kingdom. It was primarily stipulated that someone’s reported income might affect the rate at which they are contacted by an individual, but it turns out this isn’t the case at all! Here are the statistics for men and women in the United Kingdom of different income groups and their chances of being contacted by any one visitor of their profile:

Earnings of women, chance of being contacted by a man (UK)

20% – Don’t say

18% – £0-£40,000

18% – £40-£80,000

21% – £80-£100,000

16% – £100,000+

Earnings of men, chances of being contacted by a woman (UK)

12% – Don’t say

11% – £0-£40,000

11% – £40-£80,000

12% – £80-£100,000

8% – £100,000+

It’s important to note that each percentage has to be considered relative to its respective gender group. This helps explain for the fact that women are around 80% more likely to be contacted by a male than the other way around. That said, it’s clear from both sets of data that reported earnings have little to no effect on the rate at which someone is contacted by a member of the opposite sex.

However, statistics revealed earlier on AYI’s blog regarding its membership in the United States found quite a different story!

Earnings of women, chance of being contacted by a man (US)

16.3% – $20-$40,000

17.3% – $40-$60,000

17.2% – $60-$80,000

16.5% – $80-$100,000

21.6% – $100-$150,000

25.3% – $150,000+

Earnings of men, chances of being contacted by a woman (US)

11.6% – $20-$40,000

13.1% – $40-$60,000

13.7% – $60-$80,000

15.5% – $80-$150,000

17.8% – $150,000+

As is evident, men are less likely to be contacted by a woman if they earn less across the whole income spectrum, although only women that earned over $100,000 were more likely to receive contact from men.

It’s important to note that these statistics do not necessarily show people in the United States are more interested in partners that make a lot of money, as there could be other social factors at play.

For instance, the lifestyle of an individual in the United Kingdom may not deviate all that much depending on their income bracket, whereas it may very well be the case in the United States that the average person earning over $100,000 chooses to do so by travelling, buying expensive things and generally having a good time.

There may be further studies that could be conducted in a scientific environment to better understand the relationships between income, perceived attractiveness and likelihood of being contacted.


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