It should be noted initially that while there are some people who identify as being asexual, our article is going to be dealing with those who do not. We appreciate that there may be some medical reason as to why an individual does not desire sex, and this article is not intended to address those issues.

Today, we’re taking a look at standard relationships and sex. Now at Naughty Dates, we’ve been on the fence on a lot of topics, because many subjects are not as black and white as people think. Sex and relationships, however – now that’s a completely different story.

See, sex IS important. It’s an evolutionary activity that your parents, their parents, and everyone back up the family tree have done at least once. We depend on sex as a way of reproducing, and you’re pretty much hard-wired to desire it at some point in your life. Humans are actually privileged in this sense, because we really enjoy it.

Sex is healthy. When practiced properly, it has virtually no side effects, multiple positive outcomes and is available for pretty much no cost whatsoever. It lacks the ability to become chemically addictive and overdosing is next to impossible. Sex is pretty much the best thing in the world, and if you like the idea of humans existing for a long time to come, you’d have to agree.

Now, here comes the serious part: sometimes, you don’t want sex. You’re not alone in this feeling, because at one point in everyone’s life, they feel as if physical interaction is something that they do not need. It could be for a week, it could be for a month, it could even be for a year: it happens, and we think it’s a bad thing.

Sometimes, relationships break down. When that happens, sex rarely does, and when sex rarely happens, issues start to develop. A healthy, active sex life is an incredibly good tool for making up with your partner and reigniting your passion for one another: there may be other ways to keep a relationship in check, but our opinion is that sex is the best.

We strongly encourage anyone in a relationship where sex has occurred previously with pleasure resulting for both parties involved to ensure that their time between the sheets is still strong and frequent. Physical intimacy makes you think clearer, provides a free form of exercise, releases a number of positive happy hormones and will improve the connection you and your partner have.

It might be possible to engage in a relationship without sex, but as far as we’re concerned here at Naughty Dates, if you’re living without intercourse when it’s possible for both of you to enjoy it, something’s up that needs to be fixed. Sex is a wonderful way for couples to bond and reconfirm their commitment to one another: so if you find yourself in a position where sexual activity has been dwindling, do everything in your power to restore it.


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