While we think Naughty Dates is a great place to meet new people, we understand that some might be a little over the process of using dating sites in order to find potential partners. We might be losing a few members thanks to this blog post, but at the end of the day, we’re here you help you find someone that makes you happy, and if that means promoting the competition, so be it!

So without further ado, let’s take a look at how you can find someone to date without sites like ours.

Go Outside

Hear us out on this one – because going outside is really, really good for meeting new people. There seems to be this consensus among those who are single that the best way to get in contact with others they might be interested in romantically is to stay at home and read blog posts on the Internet: let me tell you now, that only helps you get so far. You might not like to hear it, but getting out, going places and actually putting yourself in contact with others is a fine way to meet your next partner.

One of the best things about approaching it this way is that you get to find others who do similar things. If you go for a walk on a hiking trail, guess what people you’re likely to bump into? The same goes for the cinema, local chess club and gym. The modern convenience of having everything you could ever want brought directly to you is a bit of a pain if you want to go out and find new people: after all, it’s not like there are ways of finding people in your local area online that are also looking for the same thing you are, right?

Speed Dating

We’ve always loved speed dating, because it gives you the chance to talk to a number of people that might float your boat and once it is all said and done, nothing’s keeping you from bailing and never speaking to any of them again! People have the wrong idea about these events and think it’s mainly the worst of the worst in regard to society that ends up utilizing a speed dating service: it might hold true in a few niche cases, but by and large, speed daters are friendly, interesting people who are generally willing to try new things.

Be Social

If a friend is having a party, go to it. Don’t pull out because you don’t think you’ll know many people there: after all, you should thrive on the concept of seeing new faces. Learn to embrace meeting new people and go in with confidence. You might not meet anyone there that you’re particularly interested in, but if you made a decent impression, you can bet your bottom dollar that someone that was there might invite you to their thing happening the week after. Who knows what awaits you there? The world is your oyster if you’re social, and believe us: it’s easier done than said.

So in short; be social, do stuff and most important of all, get off the damn computer!


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