How to Succeed at Online Dating

When push comes to shove, the entire point of setting up a dating profile and looking online for locals in your area is because you want to find someone. There are no if, buts or maybes about it: sites like Naughty Dates are used by people to locate potential candidates that fit the bill. Whether that’s casual sex or a lifelong companion, the rules of engagement are almost always the same. To be successful at adult dating online you need to remember two things: be attractive, and don’t be unattractive. This goes far beyond anything physical – being a true, honest and lovable person will be more attractive to potential partners than any supermodel with a bad attitude will be.

Be Honest

This starts long before filling in information on your profile. Be honest with yourself and have clearly defined goals of what you are looking for. If no strings attached sex is your desire – that’s fine! Don’t pretend to be something that isn’t you, because when push comes to shove, the truth will get you a lot further in your online adult dating than anything else. Also, be sure to make your profile as accurate as possible – this includes updating your location if you move. There’s no point looking for people where you used to live!

Be Friendly

It seems so simple, but so many get it oh so wrong! Avoid telling the person you are messaging that they are sexy, or hot. Take an interest in them as a person and avoid bad grammar like the plague. Asking questions is a great way to strike up conversation, as no one likes to leave something unanswered. Being polite costs nothing, but being rude, unwelcoming and hard to talk to will cost you everything!

Be Proactive

Get up and go is a big factor when it comes to being successful when dating online. We suggest you search for new members and established locals that interest you, as well as being the first to break the ice and message them. Additionally, invite them out to do something fun and social – house visits will be fine later on, but start things off by showing that you are up for a good time and know how to find it when you are out and about.


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