How to: Meet Up For Sex

With a name like Naughty Dates, we understand that some members of our community are looking for some no strings attached engagements. Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with looking for straight up sex. Sexual intimacy is enjoyable, easy to practice safely, good for your physical and mental wellbeing, morale boosting and best of all, completely free! Modern society has a terrible relationship with sex – people demonize it and act negatively toward those that practice it regularly. Naughty Dates believes that a positive attitude toward sex is preferable and supports those that wish to use our dating service as a way of finding like-minded sex seeking locals. See below for our advice on getting it on using Naughty Dates.


We assume that you have found someone locally that has declared an interest in you sexually. At this point, you will just want to make sure that enough of a signal has been given to go ahead and make the advance. With this covered, you will want to get polished up, have a shave, make yourself pretty and be comfortable with the idea of casual sex. Naughty Dates hopes that you do not have to be reminded of being as ‘safe’ as possible – prepare well in advance so you do not need any last minute visits to the store.


A public place with plenty going on acts a great place for you to have your initial hangout. Be friendly and polite, but also keep in mind that you both have the assumption that the end of the night will involve sex. Many users frequent hotels for their hookups, mainly because they have a bar and getting to a private area for some intimate fun is a piece of cake. If one person books the room, it would make sense that the other would cover drinks and anything that you might like to eat. When you do finally get down to business, try to avoid instigating anything without first discussing it. We understand that some fetishes are desired, but unless your casual sex hookup has agreed to it beforehand, save the request until after so that next time, the option is available. As with anything in life, doing your best to go out of your way and make the other person as comfortable as possible is a good idea.


If you enjoyed it – say so, if you didn’t, but feel as if it was down to issues that could be fixed, make it constructive. Honesty is the best policy, and we recommend a good deal of communication when all is said and done. Sex is meant to be fun, and if you enjoyed your time together, don’t hesitate to say so! Chances are the other person did too, and open discussion about your time together just means that next time, it will be even better.


Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.


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