How to: Dating Profile Tips And Tricks

Having a quality dating profile is essential for setting yourself up to be contacted by locals in your area. There are a number of steps you should take in order to ensure that the most attractive facets of your life are displayed, and that you really do stand out from the crowd. If you want to make the most of your online dating efforts, use these tips and you can be sure contacting you will be a number one priority of anyone taking a look at your profile.

Profile Picture

Humans are particularly visual when making decisions and as such, having a limited number of interesting, attractive and honest photographs will attract plenty of attention. Studies have shown that the best type of profile pictures are those that show the person having eye contact with the camera and smiling. Additionally, the number one metric for contact through profile picture stats alone is having images of you doing interesting things. Scuba diving, playing guitar, feeding a giraffe or taking part in a sporting activity are the types of images that will increase your attractiveness and make you more likely to be contacted.

Studies have also found that including a picture of yourself drinking on your dating profile significantly decreases your chances of being messaged. As such, we recommend keeping your nights out on the town and beer bong pictures offline.

About Me

Your ‘about me’ section should be honest, interesting and feature the most obscure or uncommon aspects of your life. Mentioning that you enjoy traveling and food is fine, but this information is largely true for anyone, so try to keep your message on the uncommon things that are likely to attract further questioning and interest. As with any aspect of your dating profile, being true to yourself and displaying what your colors really are will be the best course of action for garnering attention.


The key thing here is to be honest about who you are. On average, men list their height as being two inches taller than they are in reality, with many putting themselves down as 6 foot when they actually fall short by a small margin. Your age should always be honest – while being younger has its perks, nothing is more unattractive than finding out that the person you’re dating is pretending to be someone they’re not. People know that you’re not Mr. or Ms. Perfect, and there’s nothing wrong with being true to yourself.


The bottom line is that honesty will always prevail. Making sure that users looking at your profile know who you are and what you’re about not only increases your chances of finding a partner, it means that they’re likely to be similar to you in many respects. Be accurate, include as much information as possible and stand out from the crowd when creating your dating profile.


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